Wood thermal conductivity

chemics.wood_thermal_conductivity.k_wood(gb, so, x)[source]

Thermal conductivity of wood based on moisture content, volumetric shrinkage, and basic specific gravity

\[k = G_x (B + C x) + A\]

where \(k\) is thermal conductivity [W/(mK)] of wood, \(G_x\) is specific gravity [-] based on volume at moisture content \(x\) [%] and \(A, B, C\) are constants.

The \(G_x\) term is determined from

\[G_x = \frac{G_b}{1 - S_x / 100}\]

where \(G_b\) is basic specific gravity [-] and \(S_x\) is volumetric shrinkage [%] from green condition to moisture content \(x\).

The \(S_x\) term is calculated from

\[S_x = S_o \left(1 - \frac{x}{MC_{fs}} \right)\]

where \(S_o\) is volumetric shrinkage [%] from Table 4-3 1 and \(MC_{fs}\) is the fiber saturation point assumed to be 30% moisture content.

  • gb (float) – Basic specific gravity [-]

  • so (float) – Volumetric shrinkage [%]

  • x (float) – Moisture content [%]


k (float) – Thermal conductivity [W/(mK)]


>>> k_wood(0.54, 12.3, 10)



Samuel V. Glass and Samuel L. Zelinka. Moisture Relations and Physical Properties of Wood. Ch. 4 in Wood Handbook, pp. 1-19, 2010.